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Photography courtesy of Meredith Bless and P2 Stills + Motion



From personal projects to commercial photo and video, Taiga Creative is there to assist you in developing your creative vision. Our core team includes award winning photo + video + drone artists
P2 Stills + Motion.


All hands on deck! Taiga Creative specializes in promotion for Alaska musicians through Alaska Independent Musicians Initiative (AKIMI), an independent project of Northern Culture Exchange, a 501c3 not for profit organization.


Write. Post. Like. Repeat. At Taiga Creative understanding community involvement on and offline is the cornerstone of our business. Blogging, communicating through social media, and networking is
how we roll.

Award winning storytelling with P2 Stills + Motion

Photo + Video by P2 Stills+Motion

Production: Taiga Creative


With the 6th episode of Buck the Cubicle, P2 Stills + Motion asked Taiga Creative to take a more hands on role with both production and assisting during the 4-day shoot.

Scott Sutton is a hunter, but it's not animals he's after. It's color. Using creation myths from the tribes of the Pacific Northwest and matching them to modern maps, Scott searches the wilderness for pigments to use in his art. Buck the Cubicle is a documentary series about amazing humans who find inspiration in all manner of offbeat occupations.



Jumping off with commercial storytelling + community engagement

Photo + Video by P2 Stills+Motion

Production + Engagement: Taiga Creative


"I appreciated how P2 Stills + Motion and Taiga Creative genuinely took our brand to heart by putting themselves in the shoes of our customers and helped us design videos that captured our products in a compelling and accessible way. Conversations with them even inspired new marketing ideas that have continued to pay off."
-Forrest Bless | JumpSport, Inc.

We had the pleasure to not only practice our flips on this backyard beast, but to tell the story behind the product + company. Continued engagement with the trampoline community comes in the form of blog posts, promotional emails, and social media posts. AlleyOOP Sports trampolines, JumpSport’s premium product-line, have the most advanced performance and safety features of any trampoline on the market. See for yourself!



Develop, brand, and export Alaskan music.

Promotion + Photography by Taiga Creative, Meredith Bless


Taiga Creative was asked to make a standard hotel room feel like the audience had just walked into the warmth of an Alaskan living room on a winter's eve. In 2017 it was the non-profits first year at the Folk Alliance International (FAI) Conference in Kansas City and the goal was to make a lasting impression on the attendees and FAI board.
Challenge accepted, from concept to completion - 2 years running.
The Alaska Room, a project of AKIMI, is designed to institutionalize Alaskan music and create rich new connections between Alaska and a rapidly evolving global music industry.


Alaska Room at Folk Alliance-2.jpg
Emily Anderson - Photo by Meredith Bless-Taiga Creative - Alaska Room 2018.jpg
Super Saturated Sugar Strings 2 - Photo by Meredith Bless-Taiga Creative - Alaska Room 2018 copy.jpg
Front Country in the Alaska Room at FAI 2017
Alaska Room at Folk Alliance-5.jpg
Alaska Room at Folk Alliance-6.jpg

A place where creativity and community meet

Producer + Assistant Director: Meredith Bless

Photography courtesy of Juneau Empire


The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council (JAHC) asked Meredith to take the lead on production for the largest fundraiser in the city of Juneau, Alaska. Artists have been creating works of wearable art for the past 16 years in this community. For the creators, it is an opportunity to explore, experiment, and showcase their talent via art on the runway. For audience members it is a joyful, enriching, and invigorating entertainment that brings friends and family together in a celebration of community creativity. For the JAHC, it is a fundraising event that supports student fine art scholarships, individual artist grants, and the management of the Juneau Arts & Culture Center. For all of the community, it is a chance to encourage creativity and innovation, promote a creative economy, and welcome inclusivity.


2016 Wearable Art | Juneau, AK
2016 Wearable Art | Juneau, AK