How it began? History and a little luck... Taiga Creative and P2 Stills + Motion reconnect after more than a decade apart. The result? The best team in the industry.


More than a decade ago, these three started a journey that led them here today. Taiga Creative's Meredith Bless rocks the commercial industry research, communication, and production. While on the side of P2 Stills + Motion, both Jon Held and Jenna Close roar the creative direction, visual mastery, and composite image production. Soon they will offer VR capabilities. This team brings you cutting edge technology and knowhow all the while delivering it with an unparalleled acumen.



Meredith Bless | Taiga Creative

Meredith Bless
Taiga Creative, Production

Jenna Close | P2 Stills + Motion

Jenna Close
P2 Stills + Motion, Creative

Jon Held | P2 Stills + Motion

Jon Held
P2 Stills + Motion, Creative