Welcoming Nissa Kauppila

Welcoming new artist, Nissa Kauppila to the roster!

By Meredith Bless

About a month ago I made a very valuable phone call to Hong Kong andd solidified details of working with the ever so talented artist Nissa Kauppila from Vermont, residing in Hong Kong.

Below is Nissa's artist statement and link to her portfolio and artist website. Please call or email me with any quiries!


Nissa Kauppila was born and raised in the small, rural town of Monkton, Vermont, USA. She holds both a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an M.Ed. from the University of Vermont. Expanding on her sense of curiosity, while exploring the unsettling and concrete, Kauppila has found painting the nature of flight and life a rewarding exercise in rediscovery. Her paintings have been exhibited both locally in Vermont, nationally, and internationally, with current exhibitions in both mainland China and the United States. Kauppila reaches beyond perception and disintegrates her subjects in ways that are not actual in her works in gouache, ink, and traditional Chinese watercolor. Her immersion in Chinese traditional art has awakened a sense of detail and fragility; her work explores the use of line and color as tendrils of tension while embodying a sense of wonderment for the natural and industrial worlds. She challenges the notion of context, forcing the viewer to confront the abrupt beauty of life and death through the explosivemovements in color, line and depth.


Nissa Kauppila Portfolio