A Power Triad is Born: It only takes a moment to act on one great idea

You never know when a momentary idea will turn intoa career shift. Taiga Creative takes on 2018 with renewed energy, focus, and surprise - a production partnership with Jon Held and Jenna Close of P2 Stills + Motion


Remember that place, that one time, when all you could do was look around and admire how beautiful it was. For some that scene is a family moment, maybe solitude in nature, a quiet space in a busy city, or perhaps simply a day off at home with no distraction. These intimate moments pass as quickly as they arrive. It’s the type of moment you can’t share on social media, because there is no platform that can do it justice. It’s real. It’s true. It’s life.

This fall I had one of these moments sitting at a cafe, staring out the window at a group of trees blowing in the wind. Their branches were graceful, dancing with each swirling gust. I had been running my business out of Bellingham, WA for the last few months to nurture a personal and promising relationship with my bearded beau. Although I was living far away from home, I felt grace and gratitude for the partnership that came together as naturally as the breeze embraced the branches that swayed with favor.

Sometimes in thoughtful moments like this I get ideas. Most of the time I don’t write them down and they roll through my thought with no more than the blink of an eye. However, on occasion an idea is booming with such clarity that I look around to see if anyone else might be thinking what I’m thinking? Nope, not today, it’s just my own thoughts here since every stranger around me looks half asleep with some sort of digital device casting a gentle glow on their somber faces. As fascinating as it was observing these pre-caffeinated faces I forced my focus back to my moment of truth.

It’s genius, I thought, and well overdue. I scribbled in my notebook: Produce + Promote + Engage.

For three years I’d struggled to feel comfortable in the purpose of my business. I had the skill, professionalism, education, and network to be a photo agent, graphic designer, or marketing specialist, but I was always selling someone else as the basis for my business. It never seemed to flow together quite right, until now.

A few weeks of planning, a couple phone calls, and a day redesigning my website ensued. What was once an idea, has now become a reality. I no longer stand alone, but side by side with the talented artists of P2 Stills + Motion as their producer. With the redesign of my website, it was time to share with the world the projects I’d worked on, collaborated with, and continue to be  passionate about.

Only two weeks into the new year, the majority of my day is now producer and agent for P2 Stills + Motion. Due to my love of Alaska and music, I delegate a portion of my time to promoting and hosting the Alaska Room at the Folk Alliance International Conference. My passion to support Alaskan musicians became known when I collaborated with Alaskan musician, Michael Thomas Howard, to formulate the Alaskan Independent Musicians Initiative (AKIMI), a branch of Northern Culture Exchange a 501c3 not for profit. And finally, a small part of my business is engaging with people in and out of the creative community through writing, design, networking, and social media.

As I continue on in 2018 my plate overflows with new and returning clients on all fronts. So to those who follow my blog, thank you for sticking with me through this transition. I hope you will view this collective of creatives and newly inspired focus as a new opportunity for you as well!

Cover photo by Meredith Bless

 Meredith Bless, producer in Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Bellingham, Juneau

Meredith Bless, producer in Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Bellingham, Juneau

Meredith Bless is a producer, creative director, and promoter at Taiga Creative offering creative talent, pre and post production on commercial photo, video, and drone requests. A team of artists are readily available to tell your companies story, ad campaign, update your media library, and help you develop your creative concepts. See who we’ve worked with in the past and read their testimonials on working with our artists. Want your story to be told? Email your idea and let’s see what we can do!