A Photo Agent Memoir

Sometimes it takes a change of scenery to find your words and creative direction, even as a photo agent

October 26, 2017 By Meredith Bless

P2 Stills + Motion | Photo + Video + Drone | San Diego

Waves roll back and forth as the ferry rocks me slowly awake. I peek out the solarium windows of the Alaska Marine Highway MV Kennicott vessel and see layers of mountains charging from Chatham Sound into the wispy overcast cloud layer. The magical part about this trip is there is no cell service, no WIFI, and people find themselves forced to slow down. No one is staring at their phone, unless its to capture a photo. Instead, they watch the awe-inspiring glimpse into what remains of America’s truly wild west and the last frontier. The further north we go, the fewer words I have to describe such beauty.

A friend offered me the opportunity to accompany their car on the ferry up to Juneau, Alaska, and it was just the thing I knew I needed to refocus my thoughts. For me, a quiet ship filled with strangers and the wild of Southeast Alaska surrounding me, helps to hit my reset button. This trip came at a time when I was struggling to find focus at work and with my creative direction as a photo agent, arts rep, and small business owner.

There were a number of topics I wanted to write about this month for my blog and was coming up short. Finding the right words to tell a story or the best way to offer advice seemed distant and scattered. I compiled notes on how to explain the wording of “Rights Granted” to companies, and how the wording in that one short paragraph on every contract would drastically effect the pricing of an entire job. Then I had another document of notes geared toward photographers on marketing as a small business. Another document simply talked about honesty and transparency in ones business practices as an artist.

All the start of articles, but this month I was caught in a cycle of half written thoughts. It’s frustrating when you have a grand idea at your fingertips, but for some reason your creative brain isn’t connecting the dots from concept to completion. I’ve been in this business long enough to know I hadn’t lost my edge, but instead I needed to step back and look at the big picture. What was my marketing plan for this year, and how does the content I blog about align with my goals? How has my plan changed, and what content reflects my current direction? What am I trying to accomplish before the end of the year?

I ask myself these few simple questions as I watch the waves roll by and rainbows dance across the cloudy horizon. The truth is, with the holiday season coming up, commercial jobs typically slow down until the new year. However this year will be different I say. It’s easy to get caught up in quarterly budgets, employees headed on vacation, and the urge to just put things off until the new year. Not this time. There are stories to be told, no matter what time of year it may be, and my artists will tell it.

As I glean focus and inspiration from nature abound, I’m able to calm yesterdays stress and anxiety to see clearly what my next move will be.

Cover photo by P2 Stills + Motion

 Meredith Bless, producer in Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Bellingham, Juneau

Meredith Bless, producer in Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Bellingham, Juneau

Meredith Bless is a producer, creative director, and promoter at Taiga Creative offering creative talent, pre and post production on commercial photo, video, and drone requests. A team of artists are readily available to tell your companies story, ad campaign, update your media library, and help you develop your creative concepts. See who we’ve worked with in the past and read their testimonials on working with our artists. Want your story to be told? Email your idea and let’s see what we can do!