Buck the Cubicle #4 Professional Princess

Can't stop. Won't stop. P2 Photography has managed to once again find a subject for their Buck the Cubicle series that rounds out their series nicely. She has talent, runs her own business, then throw in a touch of comedy and sex appeal, and there you have it, our Professional Princess.

Buck the Cubicle #4 from P2 Photography on Vimeo.

Directly from the P2P blog, "Finding subjects for Buck the Cubicle hasn’t been easy considering how our constant surfing and late night drinking get in the way. The search has been a combination of the advice of friends (always suspect) and hours trolling the internet (more suspect), and, in this case, stalking potential winners to find out if they were imminently suitable (immensely suspect). So it is with great pleasure that we offer this one weird thing that shows 7 ways to shoot down a drone while a Princess installs rooftop solar panels that cost you nothing. Yeah, a Princess. And you won’t believe what she looks like now!"

You can watch a larger version of the video HERE.