BTS + Bloopers: GTRAMPs not just for kids with AlleyOOP Sport Trampolines

Behind the scenes (BTS) with P2 Stills+Motion and Jumpsport AlleyOOP® Sport Trampolines

By Meredith Bless

Video featured on the Jumpsport Blog

Aug 25, 2017

"Can I go on the trampoline?" You'd think this would come from one of the 18 youth athletes we cast for the 3-day trampoline shoot, but no, these were the words from our fabulous stylist Stacy, and the rest of the BTS crew.

During the three long, hot, and sunny days of our Jumpsport garden trampoline video and photo shoot, we learned trampolines are not just for kids. We had a BTS crew of professionals handling lighting, audio, video, drone, styling, feeding, and entertaining - most of us were in our mid to late 30's. The thing is, when you're watching these incredibly talented kids do aerials, flips, jumps, and splits with ease, you start to believe that even at your age, you too can accomplish such feats of athleticism.

By day three, when the shoot was about done, a group of us adults got on the trampoline. So the big joke with with all adults who step foot on a trampoline is to be careful not to piddle in their panties when they jump. So naturally at first we were nervous to make a fool of ourselves since we didn't really know each other all that well. Secretly, we all wanted to just try to do a front flip. Giggling like the kids, we encouraged each other to give it a go. Taking turns, our inhibitions melted away and we gave feedback on what we were doing right or wrong. After a few try's we all had completed a full front flip!!

The shoot was a success beyond the expectations of our client, the families involved, and even myself. The creative vision of Jon and Jenna of P2 Stills+Motion was engineered and executed perfectly. Jumpsport did a great little blog post featuring this brief behind the scenes reel of the shoot compiled by P2 Stills+Motion. Read what they had to say about trampolines being excellent icebreakers for new friends, kids, and as we learned even adults!

Noteworthy collaborators| Styling, Stacy Triplow, | Photo + Video, Jon Held + Jenna Close, P2 Stills + Motion | Jumpsport AlleyOOP® Sport Trampolines | Oceanside Gymnastics | Carlsbad Dance Centre

Cover photo by P2 Stills + Motion

 Meredith Bless, producer in Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Bellingham, Juneau

Meredith Bless, producer in Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Bellingham, Juneau

Meredith Bless is a producer, creative director, and promoter at Taiga Creative offering creative talent, pre and post production on commercial photo, video, and drone requests. A team of artists are readily available to tell your companies story, ad campaign, update your media library, and help you develop your creative concepts. See who we’ve worked with in the past and read their testimonials on working with our artists. Want your story to be told? Email your idea and let’s see what we can do!