Story behind the project: Enaqua

Story behind the project: Enaqua

By Meredith Bless

My job is simple, I put artists photos in front of creative directors in hopes of building new relationships, connections, and future assignments. When an image catches the attention of every creative director I showcase it to, I get to take my job a step further and brush up on my interviewing skills. The featured image here was shot by P2 Photography on assignment for Enaqua. I was able to connect with CEO Manoj Jhawar and Global Project Manager Mie Vinding Fenger about the project and working with Jon and Jenna of P2 Photography.

1. Why did you choose P2 Photography to shoot this project? When we designed the Enaqua home page it was very important for us to put our product in focus. We wanted the pictures to tell the story of a cutting-edge technology, with a high degree of innovation based on years of customer interaction… and that is not easy to put in still pictures. Unboxedesign, whom we used for the graphical support, then suggested Jon and Jenna, and I instantly identified them as a great match for what we were looking for as our ‘visual identity’.

2. I'm told this image was taken on the last day of the shoot, was it part of your expected shot list or was it impromptu? It was not expected at all. What characterized our collaboration with Jon and Jenna from Day 1 was their passion to truly do a great job. I held a few preliminary meetings where I both told about our technology and the product, but also about the company’s history that to a large extend also is mirrored in our product. Jon and Jenna showed much interest in this angle too, and managed – I think – to capture that in the pictures… among others due to this last photo, because it captures ‘the company’. The passion for delivering a great job translated into the creativity that made them come up with this picture, I guess. We also experienced several times, that Jon and Jenna simply just ‘browsed’ the shop floor chatting with the workers, and in that way made our workers feel comfortable and proud of becoming the ‘front face of Enaqua’.

3. Do you have a few favorite images from shoot that are different from this? Can you tell me why? The Enaqua technology is very hard to capture in photo. One of the key advantages of our system is its compactness – however that is a ‘true’ disadvantage for visual story telling.

enaqua_cutawayBGD DCIM101GOPRO

I like the two pictures [above] because the one that shows our system, captures the ‘innovate compactness’ that is one of our unique selling points against market competitors. The one with water ‘story tells’ how the water runs ‘inside’ the tubes and not on the outside, which is another of our competitive advantages. Moreover... it simply looks good, reliable, and professional!

enaqua-131217-241 enaqua-131218-1495 enaqua-131217-458 enaqua_2guys

I have picked these [above], because Jon and Jenna have captured how proud the employees are to be part of Enaqua – and competent. This is also a strong selling point against our key competitors.

4. How did you like working with P2? Can you elaborate on the experience? It was very inspiring, and as a customer it is always nice when you feel you engage with someone that truly would like to understand your business and your needs. Jon and Jenna were very open when we discussed ideas and very creative in coming up with results…. And without compromising the quality that characterizes their work.

Enaqua is a Vista (San Diego), California based Grundfos Innovation Company that provides water treatment solutions for municipal and industrial customers. Enaqua's dedication to provide the most innovative and best available technology has put Enaqua at the forefront of the water and wastewater industry. Their vision is to keep doing what they do and provide their customers with "Safe Water, Simplified."