Taiga Creative On The Move

About six months ago I agreed to help a friend drive with her toddler and two geriatric dogs from Charleston, South Carolina to Oceanside, California. As the new year rolled around and Taiga Creative began to build some momentum I thought it would be a good idea to set up meetings with agencies, brands, and editorial to show off some of my photographers portfolios while on this adventure.By the beginning of March I had 8 meetings scheduled over 4 days in 4 different states - Washington, South Carolina, New Mexico, and California. Luckily, over the many odd jobs and personal overseas trips, I've gained the ability to organize and plan logistics of any trip. Without a doubt, the meticulous planning paid off. Check out a few highlights from the road trip and some notable images selected from a few different meetings - Publicis Seattle, Cole&Weber, Hammerquist Studio, and Bluion!


Gabe's lifestyle image was a favorite across the board.


Shea's food styling, photography, and portfolio impressed the team at Publicis Seattle.


P2's NBC portrait made every creative director stop and comment - it's unanimous, they can shoot the perfect portrait of a newscast.

Untitled-1 Ran into Gabe Rogel during my 13-hour stop in Bellingham. From there flew to Charleston where I enjoyed a brief 20 hour stay. There I helped my friend packed up the dogs, kiddo, car and were ready to roll!

_11C7685-edit2 copy

This is a classic favorite from Taiga Creative's newest artist, Nathaniel Wilder, which won over folks in every meeting.

Hands Passing 2014

Bluion was drawn to Shea's grilled peaches backyard feast.


Transition to the desert and on to California...


P2's industrial truck image impressed folks in every meeting.


Gabe's tried and true made for another favorite on the west coast.

As winter transitions into spring here in Alaska, Taiga Creative will be collaborating on new projects, representing fresh photographers, and keeping you filled full of beautiful images.

Onward and upward!