Welcome to Taiga Creative Blog

Dear Readers, Let me take a moment to layout what you can expect from my Taiga Creative (TC) blog. Taiga Creative blossomed when I discovered the need for professional outdoor industry photographers to market their work and for their clients to receive information in a timely and organized fashion. When a photographer gets to the point in their career where they ask, "Why am I sitting behind my computer more than shooting images on location?" That is where I step in to fulfill the home office needs of portfolio submissions, marketing, and consulting.

This blog will highlight marketing material from artists I work with, detailed and researched industry related articles, interviews, professional photography and video, notable industry and regional events, and the whereabouts of all my artists. To begin, posts will be monthly, then as things get rolling, will move to bi-weekly, then weekly.

The Taiga Creative website is where photo editors and marketing directors can find their next talent. The TC Blog is where past, present, and future arts and outdoor industry amateurs and professionals can find news, events, and inspiration.

To all the people I meet, follow, like, poke, tag, text, and physically step away from my computer and go for a hike with, I hope this new adventure will exceed the goals I have set, and that it will be aided by friends, clients, (future) co-workers, acquaintances, and of course my growing group of talented artists.

Onward and upward,

Meredith Bless Founder - Taiga Creative