Who do you follow?

By Meredith Bless When I first got into the business of marketing, photography, design, and photo reping, it became clear that I needed to nail down blogs that could inspire and educate. I now allow myself about 30 minutes in the morning and again in the afternoon to read blogs, converse on social media, and sometimes unavoidably spiral down the internet rabbit hole. Here is a short list of the top 5 blogs I follow on the daily!

1. A Photo Editor

I love this blog because it is a valuable resource for all aspects of the photo industry. If you want information as a photographer, photo editor, agent, art director, producer, and so on, there is a little something for everyone. Each time I open my email I look forward to the daily gem of a post. My favorite posts are who they see as up and coming artists. I'm fascinated with what different professionals in the industry deem worthy.

2. 4A's Smart Brief

I use twitter to get my quick news briefs, but in my email updates, I want industry related briefs and 4A's provides the perfect quick headlines and intro on marketing, agency, and advertising trends, news, and creative insights. I also find their links related to small business incredibly helpful.

3. Creative Live Blog

This blog has a very wide variety of information, which can sometimes cause me to lose track of time while looking for gifts for my photographer friends, but it also is a vault of valuable information and perspectives. I like reading about all angles on the industry, which includes stylists, makeup artists, models, and more, and this blog covers the angles better than anyone out there. It also keeps you well informed with what educational workshop, course, or interview their website is hosting to keep you coming back for more.

4. The Design Blog

Being a graphic design nerd at heart, I can't resist checking out some of the latest and greatest in this visual arts avenue. The Design Blog features work from around the globe that aims to inspire and every day it succeeds. You can geek out over typography, illustration, poster design, packaging design, branding, and more. The user-friendly layout also makes for an easy 7 minutes in heaven during my limited social media work block.

5. National Geographic Your Shot Blog

You can't go wrong with the NatGeo Your Shot site in general. The blog is nice because it's a compilation of the best of the best. I find myself still wandering to the sites homepage to see what assignments and stories they are featuring for the season. This site is a great way to gain exposure if you are consistently shooting and posting professional grade images. Not only do other photographers see your work, but future clients will too.